"Love the friendly community atmosphere at CrossFit 6168, the owners are the most caring people I have ever met and the coaches are the toughest and friendliest people I have ever encountered. After leaving rugby I was determined to keep developing my overall body strength and improve my cardio and mobility, the coaches at CrossFit 6168 have been very supportive towards me achieving my goals."


November, 2017

'Crossfit 6168 and the members/coaches there have been integral in bringing me back to a positive mindset and assisting me looking and being fitter than I have in a long time. 

When I make a decision I am a stubborn man and although that works for and against me at times, it was a perfect match for Crossfit 6168 and its’ ethos. The supportive coaches

have excellent skills and advice which have taken me from an everyday guy not having a clue about any gym lingo to working hungrily towards setting new PBs!'


March 2018

I started CrossFit (CF) 8 months ago and have already gained so much from this sport. Not only the obvious things like strength, endurance and fitness but, more importantly, awesome friends, a sanctuary and an appreciation for my body and all the things it can do.

I started off with no weightlifting experience (used a blank 8kg bar for everything except squats), very little fitness and couldn’t do push ups, pull ups, double-unders, rope climbs or toes to bar. Now, I can do all of these movements confidently and throw around weights that I previously thought only boys could do. 


CF has been pretty much the only constant in my life and honestly the only thing keeping me sane. If I can get myself to a CF class then I know I will achieve something. On top of that, there are supportive coaches, super friendly people and an awesome atmosphere. Most days my CF class is the highlight of my day and I’m not even ashamed to say it. 


My message to anyone that is unfit or unhappy with their body. 


Join a CF box!! You will not regret it!!


                                                                               September 2018

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